A Tale of Sun and Ice

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Earlier this week I was at a bar with a group of friends and I observed this horse painting. I thought it was totally charming and snapped a photo of it. I do love so many things horse related!

Today's sunny skies meant it would be a great day at the farm. Look who was there! Oh, you can't recognize her because it is a bum shot? Bah! That is Jackie K, long lost rider! There she is with her favorite horse, Pokey.

And look! Another long lost character: Whitney! And then later Christine showed up! The beautiful day was bringing everyone out and over to see horses. It was so much fun.

Since Glitter was having some trouble last fall, Bill thought he'd tack her up and take her down in the ring to see what she'd do if she were lunged with the saddle on. Here they are getting ready. But I actually took this picture to point out that if all that snow, on such a warm sunny melty day, decided to slide off the roof, whoever was standing right there might be in serious trouble.

In spite of the gloriousness of the weather, the road was a sheet of ice. We made it carefully to the ring where Bill started to work with Glitter. She was perfect.

Here's Bill putting weight in the stirrup to see what would happen. Glitter was fine...as if she expected him to get on.

Definitely a productive and pleasing day regarding Glitter. One small step for a pretty quaterhorse, one giant leap for trail riding!

After Glitter's lesson, Bill brought Ruby into the ring to see if she would remember their liberty training and lay down on the spot for him. He has not worked with her on this in months. Well, guess what? She did it! In 45 seconds, all recorded by me! Check out the video clip here.

All of the horses love to nibble snow.

I brought brumby up to the barn to give her some carrots.

After checking his chart, Bill pointed out that Lilly has had her shoes on since December 8. So they were taken off for the night. Where the ground is not icy, it is soft, so she was fine.

As we were leaving, Bill took his backhoe down to the ring to clear it for tomorrow. If the weather is good, maybe we can do a little riding down there.

I got home in enough time to chill out with Getty. Note to self: The next time you plan on crossing a field buried under two feet of snow, be sure to wear SNOWSHOES. (By the time I got home, I was exhausted from all the trudging).

Getty did not find the excursion exhausting at all.

Last night of Olympics! Go team usa!


lmel said...

Yup, keep those snowshoes handy for at least another month! I keep mine at the barn, with my cross-country skis--don't want to be caught without an alternative mode of transport! :)

juliette said...

Fun day and that Getty is so pretty!

Brian's been using his snowshoes and my skis have helped a lot. This is a deep winter, but we are getting some good melting now.

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