Honoring the Presidents

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ever since I have had Lilly, I have decided the best way to celebrate President's Day is to get in the saddle. After all, haven't an awful lot of our presidents been horsemen? Heck, even George Dubya knows how to ride a horse. So, what better way to honor Lincoln, Washington and the rest of them? So this morning after taking my sick pet rat to the vet and getting the thumbs up (for now anyway), I packed my Lilly bag and headed over to the farm.

Did someone hear the words "pet" and "rat"? Ummm hmmm! Here is my pet rat Annie who has a tooth abscess and has been struggling for a few weeks now. Annie is a real hero! He takes all of his medicine like an Olympic champion!

Look how awesome Annie's tail is. Have you ever seen anything like it?

But I digress!

I got to Bill's right after lunch and found him moving snow around.

It was really a great day or a ride because even if it was cold out, the sky was blue and the snow was still spectacular. Bill had Jodie up at the barn because she had lost a shoe. He put it back on and we got started. Here is the bit Jodie was wearing. It is a Chris Cox bit and I think it looks pretty nice. As for my own brumby, she was wearing the same bit that we were using on Saturday. I wouldn't mind having a bit warmer!

We didn't actually even travel on the trail. The unplowed road was more than perfect.

Here we are approaching the BP.

And now we are up by the old Harris house.

We went all the way to the Archie Macleish house and then turned around. Neither horse wanted to move away from the barn. Sour. That's a picture of Bill behind us for a change. You can see Lilly's big bum in the lower right. It almost looks like a giant mound of snow, doesn't it?Check out the Go Pro video Bill made of our ride here

Needless to say, once we turned around and were heading home it was really very miraculous how quickly both horses were stepping out. I was able to put my crop away. And once we passed the Harris house going the other way and were in the wooded part of the road again, we got a couple of nice canters in.

Closer to the barn the welcoming committee lined up to greet us.

Bill's neighbor Faith passed us on her large and beautiful draft cross named Jack.

Lilly lost one of her black licorice bell boots so I paired it with a raspberry sorbet. She'll never know.

Look at Jodie's little mustache. Isn't it hilarious????? She's like a cross between Burt Reynolds and Rip Torn. Bah! That is really funny.

And this shadow has my brumby looking like a cross between an anteater and an elephant!

Happy President's Day, everyone!


lmel said...

What a lovely ride, even if the wind was bitter cold, eh? Looks (and sounds) like you didn't get the ice we got here near the coast. Lucky you! Our horses got "stuck" today too--took some urging to get them going forward, but coming home? Hah, Mr. Prancypants was ready to rip!
Love the mustache--bah, hah!

Melody said...

Awwww, I love your Annie! We are "ratless" at present, but they are then neatest little creatures! (love mice too, I don't discriminate) :)))
Never seen a horse with a mustache before?
I love the snowy New England we are enjoying this winter! :))) ~ One of the best parts of winter? I haven't seen one mosquito, tick, or horse fly! :))))

Willow said...

What a wonderful design on that bit.
Annie is great ! Rats are such smarties pants.
I haven't been commenting much lately ,
but I had to take a moment to tell you how much
I super adore your posts,
and seeing life through your eyes !

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Look at you atop that ginormous elephanteater - so adventuresome.
That's a ragin' 70's stache to be sure! ;D

juliette said...

Rip Torn - you are hysterical! I'm glad Annie is better although I have to say I am not of fan of his tail -sorry. I love all nature, but my rat tale phobia prevents me from studying that photo!

As usual, your ride looks fabulous. You and Bill and Faith lady on Draft must be the luckiest people on the planet. It is just perfect up there in your woods!

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