Come One Snowflake, Come All!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We've had a very snowy week. Today as I drove to the farm, it was snowing again! When I got there, no one was in sight. I had this plan to try riding with a bit in Lilly's mouth after last Sunday's tumble. It is possible that if she had a bit in her mouth, I would have had more control. Bill made this suggestion and I thought he might be right. But try finding the bit that you want in this mess of tack!

I eventually found the bit I was looking for and slipped it into Lilly's mouth. She started chomping on it right away. I thought she might fuss about it actually, but her mood remained perfectly pleasant.

This is the bit I was looking for. I have used it a million times with Lilly. However, it was not actually the one I used today as it turns out. We have been using a bitless bridle for so long, that I forgot what the old bit truly looked like. Good grief. The one we used today is pictured below:

The truth is, this one fit just fine. I checked it all carefully before we headed out. I wanted to be very careful using a bit like this with her since she hadn't had one in her mouth in so long.  Of course, I am not a person who hangs on my horse's mouth. I am a big fan of loopy reins. But just in case there might be trouble on our ride, I shoved the bitless bridle in my saddle bag.

Off we went down the road to the trail. In the distance, over on the trail we call Sunset Trail, I could hear a fleet of snowmobilers.

All winter my toes have been uncomfortably cold. No matter what I do, my feet have been miserable. On Wednesday I optimistically bought these boots to remedy the problem. No, they are not made for people who ride horses. They are made for people who have desperately cold feet. They are made for people who want their feet to feel so hot that they are wild with fever. Bill also happens to have a pair of these and he recommended them. What's very nice about them is that they allow your ankle to flex freely in the stirrup.

On the trail it looked like the snowmobiler groomer had been through but no snowmobilers. A few years ago we'd see snowmobilers out on the trail pretty often. Lately, not so much. I am always a little worried that they will frighten my brumby.

It was sooooooooooo dazzling out on the trail! All that deep and beautiful snow! I knew it would be a feast for the eyes and it was.

When there is not another horse and rider with us, my brumby really   m  o  v  e  s     v  e  r  y     s    l    o    w   l   y.   She takes a few steps and looks all around. Sometimes she befriends trees by walking up to the and rubbing her head on them or nibbling at them. Then she will pee and ask for a carrot after!!!! It takes us forever to get anywhere. But the bit was working fine. No drama.

My feet were warmer than they have been in MONTHS.

This ride was one of the most pleasant I have had all season long. Before long we were off the snowmobile trail and forging our own path through the snow. Here are the trees Lilly loves to walk under so I get snow down my back.

We stopped at the BP to have a look around. Even though no horses are in the BP, Lilly still likes to do reconnaissance. Last weekend we saw a flock of bluebirds flitting about. But today there were none. There is Lilly's treat for being such a good girl. Have I ever told you that whenever I say the words "good girl" Lilly will stop walking and turn around for a carrot? Even if I mumble it, she will hear me and stop! The words "good girl" have become synonymous with: You have been so good that you should stop so I can give you a treat!

We took the same trail back and even though I had heard nothing, I could see that snowmobilers had already been down the trail and obliterated our tracks. This was very weird. Those must have been some very quiet snowmobiles. I wonder what they thought of the giant pile of poop Lilly had left for them.

Dear Brumby, You are so fabulous and special. Thank you for giving me such a gorgeous afternoon.

Hey! Look at these little guys I saw on my way home!


Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Looks like a lovely ride! Glad she was good in the bit for you. What brand are those warm and toasty boots?

Saiph A said...

What a gorgeous ride! Last winter my feet suffered so much from the cold. This year I bought a pair of snow boots for the barn. They are Kamiks like yours! I love them so, so much! Glad they are working out for you too!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh I'm so envious of your solo winter trail ride. We can't even get our gates to open to let the horses out of their large pasture to get to the trails..and even if we could, not sure they could maneuver it's SO deep! Yay for warm feet! Laz and Lilly, the master minds of the figuring out what words give them pats or treats ;) so they must stop all movement to collect either. HA!

juliette said...

Oh perfect! Warm feet, happy brumby, and bookend racoons - it just doesn't get any better than that!!! I just love Lilly from many miles away. She is a gem. So are you!!!

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