Adventure on the High Trail

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today was cold but the sky was so blue and beautiful, I zoomed over to take my brumby out. This is the serene scene that greeted me. The horses were all napping in the sun.

I trudged out to them wailing and screeching out my hellos. No one paid too much attention.

I gave each horse a pat, even Sophie who is notorious for not wanting to be petted immediately. One good thing about snow: it sure keeps a brumby clean!

Have shoes, will travel! At first Lilly acted a little grumpy about having to leave her nap. But then she got over it. She probably knew there'd be some carrots in the barn for her.

Bill and Cody, Lilly and me and Getty headed out. It was quite a sweet ride.  Until I am not sure what happened. But Lilly took off and with my loose rein I could not get her in order! Rats! I tried to pull her back without success! Why I did not default to a one rein stop, I cannot tell you.  In the end, right as we reached Bill and Cody, I came out of the saddle like a popcorn kernel in a popper! Bill turned around just to see me airborne. I think it may have sounded like this: EEEEEeeeee, THUD. Too bad the GoPro was not along to record the calamity. But at least there was lots of cushiony snow. Argh, I made a fanatstic head plant and couldn't breathe for what felt like forever. The good news is, I was not hurt! Thank goodness Bill is not prone to heart attacks. In any event, I got back on and we finished our ride.

Note to self: Be like an Olympic athlete. Take the lessons I have learned from this ride and use it to make me become a better rider. Go Team Bear River Horse Farm USA!

Of far more concern to me is how cold my feet have been all winter. So these are the boots I wear. I was under the [mistaken] impression that these boots were made for winter. I do not think they are. My toes are cold as soon as I get out of the car!

Disposable toe warmers were not working. Major bummer. So lately I have been using my rechargeable toe warmers made by Hotronic.

I have blogged about these before. They have 5 heat settings. The current model is much smaller than these...which are maybe 5 years old.

They are very good. With them my feet are warm, quite a nice improvement. But I want my feet to be even warmer. I want them to be toasty. I think that if I had different boots, I would have much happier feet. I really need the Arctic Muck!!! Today I decided this once and for all. Literally having cold feet can ruin a whole day.

And now, it is off to watch the Olympics! Too bad skijoring is not an Olympic sport! Or wait---is it?????


juliette said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I am so sorry about the popcorn popper face plant - that is awful, but wonderful you landed in the snow! I have been thinking of you all week as I trudge through the ice wondering what you and Bill and the outside horses are doing at Bear River, but it looks like the ice missed you - thank goodness. Ice would not have been nice to land in and all your outside babies would not be snoozing in the soft snowy sunshine.

I hear you on the boots front. I have the Bogs version of your boots that are supposed to keep Canadian dairy farmer's feet warm up to 30 below on concrete but they are failing this winter. I love your heaters! Cold feet have ruined many days for me, but not so much this week - too much stall mucking which I am not used to doing - my boys are grumbling because I put them inside at night because of the ice and I am grumbling because of all the mucking, but I do think the work is making my feet a little warmer than when I ride!

lmel said...

There must have been something in the air today! Harley was being very cantankerous, after a marvelous ride yesterday. He tried to take off and pranced the entire way out from Orris Falls after we had a "tussle" over which way to go. Thankfully I stayed on him, but he was like a loaded spring, ready to fly. Glad you were ok!

Yes, get the Muck Arctics! The Brit Colt is just a rubber boot. The Arctics truly are warm, but I'm not adverse to throwing in the heat packs too on bitter days. I also bring a couple of pairs of socks if I'll be at the barn for a few hours. That way I have dry socks to switch to if my feet get damp, then cold. Dry wool socks make a world of difference.

Skijoring should be an Olympic sport--much more interesting than curling! Hah!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

These insoles work great for me - keeps the tootsies toasty. ;D
Granted you guys are way colder than we are, but I do stay out in the cold for the whole day with them. Maybe in combo?

Glad you are okay. A reason to feel thankful for the snow I guess...

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