Karen P Visits!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Last Saturday in a miniature snow blizzard, Karen P showed up for a visit! The weather was so beautiful! The road was a little slippery under the new snow so we didn't ride, but we did take Lilly and QTee with us for a walk up to the Archie MacLeish house.

Look at QTee catching snowflakes with her tongue!!!!

My brumby was being so good. She is such a kind animal. It was such a lovely afternoon.

 Maybe the next time Karen P visits, she will be riding QTee!!

On the way home, Lilly did not like the look of that clump of snow one bit. She snorted at it a few times. But when I took the photo, she looked perfectly calm.

Back at home, Kestrel was put in charge of trimming the nails of all the rabbits. Spider was the first to get his pedicure.

Leopard's turn!!

The next day I was back at the barn, sporting much new gear that Karen has given me for Christmas during her visit! You would not believe all the cool stuff she gave me, including these gloves. I also got a scullcap made by Under Armour that fits under my helmet and has a little spot for my ponytail to poke through! Karen, you are the best.

Even though it was like 10 degrees out, Bill and I decided to go for a ride. I was totally warm except for my toes....and eventually my hands. Lately I have been thinking about getting the Arctic version of a Muck Boot. I see they come with pink trim. But I am not sure if they will fit in my stirrups.

After the ride, I brought Glitter up to the barn for some attention. Bill helped her remember in a short training session that WHOA does not mean to wander all over seeking hay and other things to investigate. Then back into the pasture she went.

This is what some of the horses keep busy doing in the pasture. They nibble bark.

I was glad the weather today was much warmer. I met Christine for a ride. QTee has her tongue out again!

It was super nice out on the trail. It even began to snow big fluffy flakes that were wonderful.

After riding, I brought Glitter up to the barn. I gave her a little hay and groomed her. I am trying to get her to think I am her best friend. So far she seems only vaguely interested.

That's it for now! Happy Superbowling!


lmel said...

Good for you, riding in the cold last weekend! I decided to xc ski instead--the wind was brutal!
I've got a pair of those gloves--lasted two years, but the barn work has taken a toll on them and they're starting to come apart. Will need some new ones next winter.
I've also got a pair of muck Arctics (without pink trim) and they're great in the cold. Mine barely fit in my english stirrups, but they might fit into western stirrups just fine. If I'm out at the barn for the day, I bring a spare pair of dry socks to put on as my feet get damp inside the neoprene after a number of hours. I highly recommend them.
Nice weather today, huh? I didn't even need my mittens--my hands got too hot! Unfortunately, I forgot the camera and got no new pics, but had an awesome ride.
Happy superbowling--I may try and get in a ride tomorrow if the rain stops (ugh).

juliette said...

So glad Karen P. was able to visit! Fun! I have those gloves and Brian has the caps with the pony tail holes! He has a bunch for running. I think the neighbors think he is weird! I love the gloves - my only complaint is that they take forever to dry after washing. It is because they are so impervious to the elements - including the dryer element! Kestrel's nail trimming looks adorable. Your bunnies are the cutest little babies ever!!!!!!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Try those hand warmers- put them in your boots! my sis did that when she worked at a stable.love the skull cap pony tail concept!

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