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Monday, April 21, 2014

No complaints from this corner of the globe about the weather! This weekend it was beautiful. Saturday I left Brandon to continue in the chaos of our kitchen reno and hurried over to see Lilly. Little did she know that she was about to get a cantering lesson!

No photos of the lesson, but there is some good video of the lesson which Bill made as he was giving it. I learned a lot even in the short lesson. It appears, according to Bill, that my brumby has been taking me for a ride when I ask her to canter in the ring. Figuratively and literally! That's what I get for being so nice. Click here to see the first part! And click here to see more!

 After the lesson, Bill gave her front feet a quick trim. Here is a photo of Ollie dashing in between Lilly's feet in the barn.

Baby alert! There's Heidi getting another taste of horseback riding. She does have horseback riding in her blood after all. On both sides. Looks like her little legs are not quite long enough to give Lilly a little squeeze. But soon!

Sunday while everyone else was gobbling up Easter dinners, I was back over at the farm, having abandoned my husband in a sea of dust and insulation in the kitchen. The social media manager where I worked had requested we get him some good outdoor pictures for an Earth Day post on Face Book, so I got busy taking pictures that involved my brumby. Because what better way to celebrate Earth Day?

This one will probably get rejected.

Right as I was starting to tack up Lilly, Bill arrived home and we set out on the trail. Perfect timing!
Here's a view from the best seat in the house. If you'd like to see a video clip I made during our ride, just check it out right here!

We had such a nice ride. Bill decided he would leave Yogi off at the BP. Because I won't be riding Lilly though the week, I decided I would leave her off there too. She looooooves being in the BP. Plus, warm sun and no bugs...It does not get any better than that for a brumby.

Before I set Lilly free, I had Bill snap another photo for the social media guy at work. I bet he'll get it and probably think: Another horse picture?

To see the video Bill made of our horse adventure that day, click right here!

And then we put Lilly and Yogi in the BP.

First of all, being out in the BP is like being in another country. It is so quiet and beautiful.

We hurried to the middle of the pasture for a good view of any squealing and kicking. But everyone was  peaceable.

Bill tried to get Ruby to lay down on command. She thought about it. And then decided not to do it!

Those are the first buds I have seen this spring. What brave little sprouts with Freddie yawning over them! Hilarious.

I got down on the ground in an effort to get some more interesting pictures.

The worm's eye view was great!

There is always some nosy nellie who shows up. Or nosy Ruby I should say.

See you next weekend, dear brumby! And watch out for that [non-existent] bull!

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juliette said...

Love these photos - especially the worm's eye view. Poor Brandon inside and missing the beauty!!! What gorgeous skies you all have and you and Bill and Brumby look just blissful!!!!

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