Easing Toward the Best Season of All

Sunday, April 27, 2014

This picture, which I took today, does not not make it look too springy around here. Frankly, today did not feel any springier than it looked. But maybe I am being too picky. Because there are signs of spring. For example, in this very spot that I took this photo, just this past Tuesday Bill filmed this:
Check it out!

Lilly was still lounging around in the BP this morning. She's been having a fine time out there all week. I love thinking of her out there roaming free. I wonder if today when Bill and I showed up with saddles in tow it was like poking her balloon with a little push pin. >POP<  But if she really felt that way, she showed no signs of it as I tacked her up.

I was not thrilled with the weather. It actually started to rain a little bit. If it had been just a few degrees colder, I would have wanted gloves on. Ridiculous, Mother Nature. But Mother Nature always has the last word. Apart from the sketchy weather,  Freddie and Lilly were not what I'd describe as relaxed when we began our ride. We rode to the winter pasture and skirted the perimeter.

Lilly felt tense the entire we were in the winter pasture. Her ears were way up and she felt very tall. I don't think Bill's ride was any smoother. They were not being wild per se, just seemed to have a lot of potential energy. I kept both hands on the reins just in case Lilly got spooky. But she was fine.

Once we got into the woods, Lilly began to protest that we were moving away from the BP. But as usual, she settled in after a while. We took a short amble through the woods, keeping in short in part because Bill thought he felt something amiss with one of Freddie's feet.

Lilly loves the BP so much that I left her there again for another week.

The fact is, there is nothing not to love about being in the Big Pasture. There's room to roam and run, grass to nibble, a lot of sky to bask under, a nice herd to frolic with, and a nice big delivery of hay every day.

 The pictures do not quite show how this painted brumby positively sparkles wherever she goes.

Does it look like a fantastic spring day to you? No, it looks like November.

 There's my brumby with one of her best friends.

After dropping off the horses, we went back to where the bears were on Tuesday. It's in the next pasture over, the blueberry pasture.

I am always scouting around for something that might make an interesting photo. I thought this one might come out a bit more interesting than it did. But I do like the sepia quality it has.

No bears up by the blueberry patch, but we did find bear poop. And these dainty little deer footprints. In fact, two deer were there when we arrived but saw us and ran off, white tails flapping.

What's that? Some gross corner of the barn? Nope, that's a glimpse of our kitchen, in the throes of its  most complicated reno. Well, that's what we get for owning a house that is 200 years old. Ugh, do you know how hard it is to make latkes in this kitchen? 

Speaking of keeping your eye on the prize and the rewards of slow and careful hard work, check out this video Bill made of Glitter. One small step for Bill, one giant leap for Glitter's future:
Click right here.

And that is where I will conclude my blog post: with the promise of spring and all that the hope it holds for a glorious season ahead. May the upcoming summer be filled with satisfaction, purpose and glee, very few hiccups and a lot of nice weather (that means you, Mother Nature).



juliette said...

What a sparkly Brumby you have. I love hearing of her happiness in Big Pasture. That sounds like horsey adventureland.

Our weather is icky too - not warm yet although yesterday was sunny and warmer here. Not warm though.

That photo of Bill smiling is just perfect! Love that!

Good luck to Brandon on the kitchen reno! You need to make latkes!!!!

lmel said...

It's been a long, sloooow spring, hasn't it? But look at the bright side, the cold will keep the bugs at bay. Oh my-bears! I don't think I ever want to see one when I'm on Harley--a moose was quite enough! The horses must freak out when they smell/see bears in the pasture. Although I suspect porcupines can be even more troublesome.

~mel said...

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have been battling it out in my neck of the woods for months now! Hopefully, Old Man Winter is on the losing end. Springtime is taking forever. This was my first visit to your blog ~ and I'm now a new follower :)

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