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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lately I have gotten it in my head to make a map of all the trails that we ride around on. I know there is no real need for it. But I feel like doing it. I think it will be a nice little creation. So now every time I am out on the trail, I am recording in what direction I am going and how crooked or straight the path is. I am constantly jotting little notes down on tiny pieces of paper.

Ah! Here is what my brumby thinks of my map making: BOOOOOOOOOORING! But I can also tell you that in this picture Lilly's bum is facing west and her face is facing east!

If you turn south off the road in the picture above onto the trail, and then take the first right, which (after a series of turns and twists) heads southeast-ish, and then turn west and go down a very steep slope that your horse might hate because there are loose rocks and lots of dried leaves that make her hooves slip and slide underneath her, then you will eventually arrive right here: on the bluff overlooking a dear little river (which I do not know the name of) that makes all of the trail treachery that came before totally worth it.

 At the end of the river trail, but still in the woods there is a little brown house. It is so cute. Mr Eldridge lives there. On this day Mr Eldridge was out with his weedwacker and this alarmed Lilly so I had to put my mapmaking tools away to help keep her from wigging out. After that I did not return to making notes. More time for that later. Here we are coming through the winter pasture and to the road. I was determined to do the river trail and Trollwood!

We made it to the Trollwood gate! YEAY!

 Nature calls! Here is my brumby waiting for me while I pee on the side of the trail. Hope there are none of Bill's trail cams in this neck of the woods! I would hate to have my bum recorded on film!

This is what will first greet you in Trollwood after you for a second pass through greener woods and then trudge through a stretch of mucky mud. This here used to be a pasture. It is where Bill and Lila and I saw a bear last year. On this ride I was yelling out for the bears to let them know we were coming through. WE COME IN PEACE! I yelled.  WE DON'T WANT YOUR BLUEBERRIES EITHER, I added. The blueberry patch is just to the right of the entrance of Trollwood.

Lilly and I were out in the woods a long time. I was also trimming some low hanging branches and twigs so I don't get them in the eye if we are cantering. This picture captured Lilly eating one of the trimmings. What a nice gentle eye she has. She was a stellar companion on this ride, patiently waiting for me and sidepassing like a pro when I asked.

Back at the barn, I spied this little guy.

It's a rarely seen grey tree frog!!!! We usually hear this creature more then we see him. Don't let that small size fool you, his trilling is QUITE LOUD.

 Down in the round pen, Bill is still busy working with the new guy. He is such a graceful mover. We've named him Willie. It's not the name he arrived with, but it's his Bear River Horse Farm name and I think it is darling and sweet. Just like him. It just also happens to rhyme with Lilly.

Bill has not cantered Willie under saddle yet, but I would not be surprised if that happened very soon. All the same, there is no hurry. Best to take the time to get it right. The better Willie is trained, the more confident we will feel about his prospects when it comes time to sell him. Excuse me, to find him a new and spectacularly loving forever home. Because that is what we want for him.

Driving home, I came across some more horse people. It's my neighbor and her friend on Rose and Jack. Happiness is having horses.

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Melody said...

You don't need a special reason to make a map ~ if it makes you happy it's reason enough! (you SHOULD find the name of the dear little river though...it would look good on your map!) I think you should draw in some stuff too, bears eating blueberries... Trolls... toads. :))))
Love Lilly's purple ear wear! Very snappy! :)
Happy Trails ! :)))))

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