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Friday, June 20, 2014

After frolicking around in Maine, it was time to get back into the fabulous world of my brumby.

 So while snakes lounged near gardening tools and flower beds....

...and husbands chased dogs in the yard....

...and teens immersed themselves deeper and deeper into smartphones....

 ...I tacked up my brumby and got out on the trail. In this picture we are on the Ridge Trail. I had gotten off to do a little trail maintenance. Lately while riding along certain paths I have noticed that in tree boughs above my head there are other branches that have detached from other trees just hanging out, probably waiting to fall until I go riding by. So while Lilly waited, I got rid of some of the worst offenders. That's right: I find them offensive. They had to go. She is usually very good about patiently waiting for me. I position her so she is facing me as I work. This way, if a large branch falls, she can see it and feels less like running away in terror. Later on the Short trail I asked Lilly for a nice little canter and she galloped so wildly up the hill I was almost unseated! I took this as a sign that she was feeling really happy and sound.

I wonder what Lilly thinks of my belt buckle! It was a gift from Karen P!

Wednesday night after work, I headed over to Bill's to ride. One summer I rode in the ring at least one night during the week. Even if I didn't ride long, I made important strides that summer, so I'd like to do it again. As usual, as soon as I got to Bill's some clouds rolled in and it looked like rain.

Sometimes I get down in the ring and it looks like this: a blank canvas just waiting for lessons in horsemanship to get scrawled all over it. It is always better for me to have a plan of attack when arriving in the ring. It is so easy to get distracted down there.

For example, there are potential boogie men in the woods on the far side of the ring. That night we attempted to confront them.

Bill was also around doing some work with the new fella. In the time that we were in Maine, Bill was working with him constantly. In just 7 days of working with him, the newbie has learned to give to the bit and carry a saddle, will disengage his hindquarters when asked, can ground tie reasonably well and Bill has even ridden him! Here he is going through some of his routine. Standing in the stirrup is one part of it.

And flexing at the poll...Clinton Anderson says you cannot do this enough. He says even if you do it a million times it will not be too much.

On this particular night, Bill trotted him for the very first time ever under saddle. It was perfect.

Of course, this isn't the first time Bill has ever trained a horse to ride. But still, it is impressive what he has done already. If you;d like to see the progression on video, you are in luck. Bill;s go-pro has captured each day of it.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Well, those are the first 7 trainings at any rate!

 June, my long lost love, how I adore you!

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lmel said...

Good for you, committing to some time in the ring! I need to be that disciplined too--but our non-existent ring (mowed area with no fence) doesn't always work well, AND I get bored! So I try to do that "ring stuff" out on the trail--half pass, riding w/out stirrups, halt, half halt, back up, turn on the forehand, etc. etc.

I'll have to check out Bill's training videos when I have more time! Happy Summer Solstice!

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