Of Moose, Blueberries and Lobster

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What to do when you have a few weeks of vacation lined up? Well, you definitely take your brumby out on the trail. And then you might, just maybe, pack up the car and drive to....

....Maine!! I confess the title of this post is slightly misleading. We didn't see any moose and it is too early for blueberry season. But we did eat lots of lobster!

In fact, there is Brandon about to have some lobster stew. Bottoms up!

There is no place like Maine. The Maine license plates read vacationland. I think they should read ADVENTURELAND. On this day, Brandon was seeking some sea caves. It is amazing I got any pictures at all in this spot since I was slip sliding away on the seaweed. Getty however, loved it. Lots of rolie polies here. Result? a very stinky, happy dog.

Brandon discovered a granite garden he wanted to investigate in Sullivan.  Here he is settling down to lunch at an exhibit by a historic quarry.

 The water at this beach in Acadia was ice cold.

Nothing like giving your husband a heart attack by playing around on the cliffs! Whooooah, I think I'm fallllllliiiiiing!

Click here for an 18 second video of the cliff!

There is always time while on vacation for a lesson in tree identification. What is your guess?

More clowning around in Acadia. DON'T FALL!! JUST HANG ON!

The first two days in Maine, it rained constantly. But then the sun showed up and it was beautiful. This picture was taken at Quoddy Head State Park outside of Lubec.

The best part about this particular lighthouse is that the day we were there it happened to be open. So we went inside and climbed the scary little staircase to the light itself. Here I am at the top feeling dizzy. I guess I don't like heights!

The platform is so narrow up there! Here's a video I made while at the top: Just click here! It is very cool to get so close to a lighthouse's light,  however scary.

 Animal print sighting!

I captured this nice little pitcher plant while loitering on the bog trail.

There is nothing about Maine I do not like.

This is the cabin we were staying in while in Maine. It is right on the water, about 100 miles past Bar Harbor. Who owns this place? Well, it is Bill and Jackie's house! They built it with their own hands!

 View from the outhouse. How thoughtful that Bill added a window! Luckily, this outhouse was almost completely spider free!

 There's where Bill ties his boat!

We took this little boat out and rowed around. Unfortunately, Getty is terrified of any boat. Especially one with oars that clatter around noisily. She had a melt down while on the water and was reduced to a quivering mass of fright. But she looks pretty good in this picture. Probably because we were essentially back on land.

But I don't want her to be any other way. She is such an excellent travel companion.

There I am slapping my own head to smash a mosquito. If there is one thing Maine has no shortage of, it is mosquitoes! Brandon snapped many pictures of me hitting myself because of them. (You can imagine how funny he found this.) These mosquitoes don't just pester you. They swarm you. They are bloodthirsty and relentless!

Alas, we could not stay forever. Good-bye for now, Maine! We will be back!

Next up: visiting the farm and seeing the progress Bill has been making with the new Arab in the last week! You will be shocked!

Finally, remember the tree identification? It is a cedar!


Martha said...

I really loved this post. Whets my appetite for our visit to Maine later in the summer. Where did you see the lobster Adirondack chairs?

Willow said...

Loving this share ~ lol ~ looks like a great time had by all .
We always take our dogs on vacation too.
That lobster stew YUM !!!! and Brandon looks a wee bit like the Gordon fisherman in that photo :))))
Here's a spot very close to Maine you will ALWAYS see moose ( promise) Erroll New Hampshire , we go there every year ( didn't get there last year :( ) . Moose eat right next to the roads ~ oodles of them every time we go , and you definitely will get pictures of them too.
Thanks for the share of your vacay.

baystatebrumby said...

Hi Martha! Thanks for reading my blog! I am afraid I am not sure what town those chairs are in, only because we were on our way home and stopped at their drive-in restaurant just for a snack! What I can tell you is that it was on Highway 1, somewhere between Ellsworth and Camden! I know they ask people to put a photo of these chairs on FaceBook pages, so I wonder if you could google them somehow....Good luck and happy lobstering!

lmel said...

This post gave me fond memories of our last camping trip with our first Rottie, Ruby--too long ago and before horses. She was our adventure dog; she did it all with us--skiing, camping, canoeing, hiking. Due to her age, we didn't hike much on that trip, but we did get her out for a nice ride in the canoe. We camped at Cobscook Bay Park, a lovely area, and explored up to Quoddy Head. Unfortunately the lighthouse wasn't open that day! Glad you took the Bog Walk too--aren't those pitcher plants amazing? Thanks for the fond memories and the fun photos of you guys, especially the "falling photos".

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