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Monday, June 2, 2014

Isn't the weekend like poetry? It's so necessary and so profound. Where would I be without it? This weekend actually started early for me; not only was Friday my birthday, but it was also the wedding day of Christine's son Matt. So Friday I was not at work but celebrating much more glorious things. And then Saturday, back in the saddle.

Bill had been riding all week (lucky dog that he is) so on  Saturday Lilly and I were on our own. We headed up the short trail to the parallel trail. Once again at Quartz Corner Lilly gave me some trouble. Nothing malicious, maybe she was scared about something. After a little struggle about moving forward, we carried on.

Here is a cute video of Lilly itching her head on a tree. Click here.  She's gotten into a habit of picking this exact same tree  on the short trail to scratch her head with. I call this tree The Friend Tree. Because it is always there for her. That might make a good children's storybook: The Horse and the Tree.

On the way back I snapped this photo of QTee in her own green pasture. Now that she is an old lady, the goal is to keep weight on her. Just this winter she cracked a tooth off. Oh dear.

I got this darling rabbit weather vane for my birthday from Brandon's parents. We mounted it immediately (umm, that is to say, Brandon did). And as soon as it was up there, the winds over the mountain at Bear River Horse Farm began to change.

That's my cryptic way of saying that there is a new arrival at the farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The winds have blown a 4 year old Arab gelding our way!!!! Here he is moments upon arrival with Amy who has owned him since he was 2 days old.

 Yes, he is beautiful. He's not a wide body like my brumby, but then again, he is only 4. I don't know that much about Arabs, but Bill has had quite a few of them over the years. You should have seen the little guy looking at everything that he saw move or heard make any noise. He was a real curious george!

He had never seen cows before! The neighbor cows came up to see what the fuss was about. So the little guy got to meet them.

The horses could not  their eyes off the newbie. I wish I had a photo of them lined up at the fence, all ears up and outlined against the sky. Because Amy could tell us everything we needed to know about this horse, Bill allowed them to go nose to nose right away. A horse from the auction would probably never have a meet-and-greet on day one. This little guy was perfectly behaved. Amy had done such excellent ground work with him. He is a real jewel.

Watch the video of this meet-and-greet right here! How annoying that a car was driving by at that exact time. The squeal you hear probably came from you know who.

Alas, into every new environment a little raindrop must fall. The new horse had never met an electric fence before and at Bear River Horse Farm, they are all over. If you'd like to watch the electric fence lesson, just click here. Don't worry, it is not terrible! And in the video you see how beautifully this little Arab moves.

 After all that, he probably wanted a good nap. So Christine and I took Lilly and QTee out to the ridge trail for a nice mellow ride on a beautiful day. I'm sure Christine needed some R&R on the trail after Matt's wedding. Planning a wedding takes real energy and fortitude!

Brandon and Kestrel were at the farm when we returned. In fact, they had been there when we left. Jackie K and Rosalie had also been over. It was a real reunion! I guess beautiful little Arabian horses are people magnets! I find it hilarious that sunshiny Kestrel looks like a grump in this picture. I will have to threaten to release it on her Facebook page.

Lilly got a few good nibbles in before going back to the pasture. 

Parting shot:

 Yikes, my new birthday camera looks intense! See ya later, old point-and-shoot!


Melody said...

Your new Weather Vane is AWESOME! I must remember to show Hubby the picture ~ lest he wants to find me one for my next birthday!! Your new camera is pretty darn nifty too! Can't wait to see the shots from the saddle while you try to learn to use it!! ha ha Glad you got some saddle time with Lilly too! :)))
What's New Horse's name?

Willow said...

An Arab ~ an isn't he gorgeous and floaty !
Love, love the Bunny twirly , what a neat gift ~ AND a new camera WOW awesome presents !
Time in the saddle of course , with the horse ~ always the best gift to ones self :)))

lmel said...

I have camera envy! Happy Birthday (belated)!
Hope your brumby doesn't rub that bridle right off her head--yikes!
Don't you see those gremlins down the trail at the quartz corner? Lilly does. :)

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