I heart the weekend

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nope, not a horse, but cute enough to snap his photo. I saw this guy outside my window at work on Friday morning. Adorable.

Saturday I thought I would brave the rain. But it was raining heavier than I thought. Sometimes I do not mind getting wet. But I do not like wet tack.  I ended up staying in the barn feeding Lilly carrots from a farm stand and  playing around with the camera. So I have not just one photo of me with my brumby... 

...there were several....

I mean, really.

Today however, the sky was very clear and bright blue so after a delicious breakfast at Elmer's of gluten-free pancakes and fruit compote, I was over at Bill's. He and Willie were just finishing up in the ring so they joined us for a trail ride. Turkey vultures were hovering right up ahead by those orange signs. 

Turkey vultures are such clumsy birds when in trees. These guys were really peering at us when we went by. Good thing we did not look infirm!

Today was Willie's third trail ride ever. He handled it like a pro. He and Bill were walking, trotting and cantering all over the Ridge Trail. 

Bill dropped Willie off at the Blueberry Pasture after the Ridge Trail. I took this photo right before Lilly made her first squeal.

And I took this picture right before her second squeal. When Lilly squeals and winnies when I am on her, it feels like an earthquake. After dropping Willie off, Bill's ride was over. So Lilly and I carried on alone.

Of course, I'm not alone at all! I'm with the world's best brumby. Does it look like I mind? No, I look like someone living the dream.

I know Lilly likes riding around with other horses. But she's so good when it's just the two of us. If she were wilder under saddle, maybe we couldn't go out alone as much as we do. 

We were having a fantastic day!

Here I found a mess of mushrooms and a puffpall on an old, rotting stump while Lilly looked on.

Here I am trying to squeeze in to picture with Lilly. 


On the way back, the turkey vultures were still hanging around, picking at a carcass. It was like walking through a valley of death. But then back at the barn, this delightful sight went by! 

When I was putting Lilly back into the pasture, I spied these little pannaeolus mushrooms growing out of some horse poop. I wanted to get their picture but this donkey nose got in the way.

There they are! With a nice paint bum in the background.

Sunday night already. :(

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