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Sunday, September 28, 2014

There I was, hiding behind the hay shed, trying to get a natural photo of my brumby in her everyday habitat.....

...But she totally knew I was there.  Good grief,  I would make such a terrible wild animal. I'd never be able to hide from anything. Good thing I was born something lame like a human...who sleeps in a bed at night, under heaps of covers.....

I am far too silly to be a wild animal.

But this wild creature! Isn't she magnificent?????? Today Lilly and I were out in the woods on Bill's land trying to make a new trail. Actually, a short part of it will be new, and some of it is a resurrection of a trail Bill used 12 years ago. It is so hilly that I was able to get all kinds of interesting pictures of Lilly. Like this one.

This is what it looks like where the new trail starts.

It was a hot day to be doing trail work. My brumby busied herself nibbling ferns. She waited patiently for me to chop limbs and move brambles.

The hilly terrain gave Lilly such a noble and statuesque quality, I had to snap a thousand pictures.

It is not every day you get to see your brumby's belly button out on the trail!!!!

So I'd mark the trail with pink trail marking tape after one step, and snap pictures of Lilly after the next. This meant that I did not get very far very fast.

After marking the new part of the trail, we met up with the snowmobile trail we usually ride on. It's a very nice trail. But why not have another very nice trail that goes over steeper more adventurous  landscapes?

Here's a nice example of the grade of the hillside. I can see the entire seat of the saddle, even though I am just a few wee steps away from Lilly.

  Here is a trail marker that Bill hung up over ten years ago. Still there!

After marking the new trail (which I call the Pink Trail for now because of the pink trail markers) and traversing Bill's old trail (which I call the Orange Trail because of the orange reflectors that mark it), we ended up on a snowmobile trail that is very clearly labeled and still on Bill's land.

Then it was time to head back and see if I could follow the new trail  on horseback. As if Lilly needed any trail cues. She retraced every step we had just taken perfectly. She set off down the new old trail at a swift little clip, taking curly turns and navigating the descent like a pro.  It was ridiculous really, how good she was at it, like she had taken notes or something. There I was trying to locate the orange and pink markers and just as I'd locate one we'd be sailing past another.

Needless to say, we made it back without a problem.

Driving home I saw them cutting some of the hay that Lilly will be eating this winter.

Today's parting shot:



Brenda said...

Great pictures. I especially like the two of Lily on the trail looking up at her.

Those carrots look bizarre.

lmel said...

Home-grown carrots, right? I got some pretty weird ones one year too!
Looks like you had a nice adventure. Love those pics of "Noble Steed Brumby". What a gorgeous hay field! 3d cutting? We just stacked our last hay purchase, 135 bales of aromatic alfalfa, clover mix--yummmy!

Melody said...

Stunning Brumby pictures!! She looks like a perfect horse statue!! Love the Brumby underbelly photo! :)))) Looks like you girls were having fun! :))))

Willow said...

Lily does look so gorgeously magnificent and livingly statuesque in these fab photos !!!

Saiph A said...

Lily looks positively EPIC in those two bottom-of-the-hill view photos! Love that last ears photo too. Your trails are gorgeous!

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