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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I have not been able to blog about brumbying around with Lilly because I took a short trip to Florida! I made it, even if Delta airlines did attempt a tiny sabotage! USAir to the rescue!

I love visiting Florida because they have cool things botanical gardens featuring this ant plant!

As well as these super cool pitcher plants!!!!!! DON'T FALL IN!

And weird trees that have their roots above the ground!  I've never seen anything like this in Trollwood!!

You won't find country fried gator on the menu in New England!

There are also family members to see in Florida! Here I am with my dad Tom and my sister Molly. Don't you love how I am taller than both of them? For the record, they do not ride horses. In fact, while in Florida I saw not a single brumby!

Here we are in Siesta Key. That is my dad with his wife Joelyn in the zig zags on the right,  and Molly with her partner Annie on the left! And that is me in the middle, all alone since Brandon and Kestrel could not come. Hmm, looks like I am managing to have fun without them.

Did someone say fun? Pools are SO MUCH FUN. Here are Annie and me trying to cannonball into the pool. All I can say is that I thought I was in better formation than the picture reveals. And Annie is not in a ball form at all! Bah!

That's Molly's cannonball. Hmm, pretty good, but not great. Do you know who is really great at cannonballs? Teenage boys, that's who. You know who would be terrible at cannonballing? My brumby, that's who.

Here are a few fun pool videos that have nothing to do with my brumby, should you like to look:

Cannonball #1
Cannonball #2

One of my favorite things ever was visiting the Save Our Seabirds Sanctuary in Sarasota where I met this guy who was blind in one eye....

...and this guy who was one of many storky birds with prosthetic legs!!! This kind of care makes my heart sing.

Alas, then it was time to come home to a chilly climate where I am seeing lots of these guys wandering around! The autumnal wooly bear!

I also observed this mottley slug nibbling on a mushroom known commonly as witch's butter. Creepy and fascinating!

This weekend I am back in the saddle and cannot wait! How I have missed my brumby! Even if she probably has not missed me one bit.

Parting Shot: 

Label of a bag of pet food at the store:

opinion: There must be a better way to combine the words turkey, duck and chicken!


Brenda said...

Looks like you had a great time in Florida with your family. I love the picture of the story bird with the prosthetic leg and the group picture that includes Annie. They make a cute couple and it makes me smile.

Willow said...

Oh ya I think my dogs would actually love TURD Uck En
Hee Hee
but then again they enjoy eating horse poop ~

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

My JRT prefers a little "turd" in her food... not even picky about which kind.

Love seeing pictures of your happy family - too bad your sweet brumby couldn't join you. (especially in the pool!)

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