Happy Anniversary, Lilly!

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's that time of year again! The town I live in has a Fall Festival every Columbus Day weekend.  So, before I could dash off to the barn, we went to check out the action in the center of town.

Who doesn't love a fall festival, I'd like to know! They are so much fun.

After having to pass up many pieces of pie, fried dough and cobbler, I finally found the perfect gluten-free yummy. And was so happy I snapped a photo.

But there's something else special about Columbus Day weekend. Besides the gorgeous leaves, and the appeal of a fall festival, this weekend is the anniversary of my meeting Lilly for the first time and buying her from Bill. I'll never forget the very first time I saw her. I fell in love!

After a day at the festival, it was time to get to Lilly. Was she extra cuddly when I went into the pasture to get her? Yes, I believe she was.  I tacked her up and we headed out to the New Trail. (Which, in my own head I  call the Gnu Trail. Because it would be totally awesome to be riding on the trail and see a gnu race by.) This photo depicts the Gnu Trail right as you enter it.

The new trail doesn't last long at all. Then you get on the regular trail for about 20 feet. Then you hang a quick right onto the resurrected Reflector Trail (named for those orange reflectors that Bill hung up a decade ago). This photo depicts what you see at that moment. 

When you start the Reflector Trail, there is a giant rock up ahead. In this picture we have passed the giant rock and are looking down on it. There is no real footpath but thanks to some fancy footwork from Lilly, we always make it up to this point.

Up in the saddle on these new trails, there are small tree limbs that are right at face level. Very inconvenient! Plus, I don't know this part of the woods at all. And this makes it both exciting and [me] slightly fretful. But it's doable. It is definitely doable.

Especially when this kind and patient mare is with me.

After the Reflector Trail, we crossed the main trail that the snowmobilers use (which is perfectly lovely and worth meandering around on), but then ventured off-trail again to possibly scout out another new trail. I marked our path right up until we encountered this large mossy rock.

At this rock I had no idea where I was. That is the joy of having trail markers with you. You can just follow them right back home. Just like Hansel and Gretel...but smarter and less tragic. Well.....let's be perfectly clear: I needed to follow the trail markers; Lilly did not. 

After returning Lilly to the pasture, I climbed into the hay shelter to spy on her.

Hmmm. She found me.

Then this curious george came over. 

Now look who has shown up. This nosy pair.

After shifting position in the hay, I was able to get this cute shot.What a funny little mane.

After leaving the farm, I went home and made this.

This is me trying to be a corn stalk while the apple cake was baking.

There goes Brandon again with his homemade atlatl.  Good grief, is he aiming for me in the corn!? Maybe he's finally had it with being a horse husband!!! BAH!

Finished apple cake, posing by a Lipizzaner stallion.

Another great weekend in the hills of western Mass!

Parting shot:

The world's most peculiar pumpkin!


Ian H said...

Your blog is great, but you have an annoying sdvert for Click and discover imageshack that takes a LONG time to load! :-{

Frizzle said...

I always love reading about your adventures with Lilly (and adventures sans Lilly)! And I would also really like to steal at least one of those two adorable donkeys!

Melody said...

Wow, what fun stuff! ~ I love the giant mossy rock! ~ and the awesome strange pumpkin!
Happy Brumby-versary to you two, too!! :))))))))))))

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