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Friday, April 24, 2009

Anytime I am with Lilly (even if she's being naughty) I have a good time. The thrill of sitting on her back makes me feel rich and lucky. That is pretty much how I felt the whole time I was with Lilly today. It was made better by the blue sky and warm temps. Sometimes I look around and am amazed that I seem to live in a vacationland. Today Bill, CC, and I went on my favorite trail ride by Bear River Horse Farm. It goes along a river. Bill was on Ruby, and CC was on Dixie. It was a cavalcade of mares! My mare was so good--even in her big clunky Cavallos through patches of mucky mud, she eagerly followed Ruby and Dixie. (I wish she didn't have to wear the boots, but at least she doesn't seem to mind them. Every time I investigate her soles, I search for signs of them toughening up. The toe part of each hoof looks very good in my opinion.) I've included some of the snapshots from today's ride. CC called Bill and me camera nazis because every ten minutes we have our cameras out.

Here's a very funny picture of us all taking each other's photo! That is sooo funny to me. At first I didn't want to have Lilly wade through the water. I was afraid she might stop, drop and roll! But she didn't. She was a very obedient brumby.
Bill and CC are much better riders than me. I let them forge ahead and then Lilly and I come ambling up behind them. We are the Amblers. But as the pictures reveal, being an ambler is hardly an undesireable thing. Of today's trio, Bill's motto is: Never Pass Up a Training Opportunity. CC's is: Never Pass Up an Opportunity That Might Land You on the Ground. And mine is: Never Pass Up an Opportunity to Be Cautious. This is why my unflappable brumby and I are such a good pair.

This is a photo of Bill swapping out Ruby for Charlie. Despite Charlie not having been ridden for several months, he was excellent under saddle. It was his first experience with protective boots on and for his first few minutes on the trail, he pranced like a dressage horse. It is always so cute when horses do that. The last picture is CC getting back on Dixie sans mounting block.

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Paint Girl said...

Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day! The place you were riding by the river is gorgous!

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