Greetings Cards and Barefoot Peripherals

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This morning I have two things to share. One is about this picture. You might not be able to see that it is actually a small greeting card. Yes, that is my brumby on it, complete with a little pink ribbon in her forelock! This weekend I was at Elmer's Store in Ashfield which is part tiny general store and part breakfast joint. It's a bit of a local hangout, a place where knitters gather, and where I can tell you I have had the best eggs benedict of my life. When I was there this past weekend a local photographer approached me. She said her name was Pamela White Sand and that she would like to send me a picture she had taken of my horse that had been charming enough to end up on one of her greetings cards. She had done this while at Bear River Horse Farm with a friend several months ago. Naturally I scribbled down my address for her and this is the card that arrived in the mail yesterday. My brumby is famous!!

The other thing I would like to share is a YouTube video sent to me by Bill. It seems a little creepy at first since it is a cross section of a horse's hoof (without the leg, oh dear) and there is some blood involved. But if you have any interest in seeing how a hoof physiologically behaves, and how to keep your horse's feet comfortable and functioning, you will find this video extremely interesting.
Happy Viewing!!

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Paint Girl said...

That is so neat that your Lilly is on a card! She looks gorgous!

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