No Spine Crunching!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sally Swift was one of my early horse inspirations. I bought her book Centered Riding long before I ever owned any horse. In fact, I wasn't even taking lessons when I bought this book-it was so long ago. Everyone probably knows the text in this book is excellent, and that the graphics are even better. Sometimes when I am on Lilly I actually think of Sally Swift. Most of the time when I know I am slouching lazily on Lilly's back I think of Sally and feel mortified by my own posture!Rotten slumpy rider! This weekend I tried to straighten my spine by following the instructions in the book: To achieve spinal length, imagine you are hanging on a string from the top of your head like a puppet.
Aaaah yes, that feels better.
And I'm sure it feels better to Lilly too.

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Paint Girl said...

I have heard of this book but I haven't read it yet. I should probably add this to my list of books to read!
I feel the same way, I find myself slouching from time to time. Darn that slouching!

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