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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another great day! After going to the horse show, I hurried to see Lilly because I knew I wanted to take her out on the trail. Although this first picture is one you'll see over and over on this blog, I can't help it--it's the best seat in the house! Lilly was very good on the trail ride today. She did stop at one point as if on high alert. In the distance there was some rustling, and then sure enough, two turkeys appeared, saw us, and then quickly hurried off.

Here's Lilly taking some time to smell the daffodils.

By the time we get to this spot, Lilly knows we are heading home and picks up the pace a little bit. This means we go from going very slow and ambly, to going slightly slow and ambly. However, when we got to the point in the trail where she likes to rocket off in a canter I let her canter, and we flew up the trail. Cantering is what really got me hooked on horseback riding. It truly feels like taking flight.

This is a picture of Lilly smiling as she digs her nose right into her grain/apple/medicine mixture. This little smile is so sweet I wanted to scream when I first saw it. When I was mixing this concoction up, my usually perfectly ground tied brumby was practically pirouetting around the barn in an effort to get to the bowl. I wish I could have recorded the sound Lilly made while she was eating this. It was very loud and full of happy little snortly noises.


Pony Girl said...

That picture of her standing near the road closed sign is really pretty! She is standing there so well! I like the little smile. Horses are so cute when they eat their goodies....they munch so happily!

juliette said...


This is the cutest picture I ever saw!!!!

Paint Girl said...

I love your Lilly! Paints just melt my heart!
Your day of riding reminds me of mine yesterday! Taking pictures while going down the trail, like you said, you'll see this picture over and over, I love taking pictures while riding! Sometimes I can't always do that, my Arab gets very flighty at times and it can be difficult to get any pictures!

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