It is October, isn't it?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here's what our cars looked like in the driveway this morning. We had 26 inches of snow, and the last time we had this much this early dates back to the civil war! As soon as the cars were dug out and my husband had grumbled sufficiently about living in a godforsaken state, I went over to ride my brumby. And this time I had my full winter regalia: puffy pants, winter coat , gloves, fuzzy boots. If it was going to act like January, then I was going to dress like January.

You wouldn't believe my brumby in the pasture trying to run away from me when I went to get her. Basically, since the other horses were sipping water, she just had to sip water rather than be haltered. Now that is so annoying. She probably wasn't even thirsty. Here she is saying, Can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man! Grrrrrr, brumby!

But when they were all daintily sipping the water, it was very serene, and I got this pretty picture, so how could I complain? While I was taking this picture, Getty was the antithesis of placidity. If you want to see a cute and muppet-like, happy little Getty, click here for a short video clip. It is so cute.

I wasn't sure how well Lilly would go in the snow frankly, because she has her shoes on, and they don't have studs in them for snow. This highly unseasonable weather just came on too fast. However, Bill and I headed out to the trailhead to give it a try. While Bill was getting up on Ruby, the saddle was too loose and he and the saddle slipped right off. Swoosh! Bill ended up on the ground. Plop! Any horseperson can see the value of his horse, who stands so quietly even with the saddle hanging off of her. Ruby, you are a very good girl! Really, she hardly flinched!

I was warm as toast on the trail with all my winter gear, and even though I am not a fan of snow this early, it was beautiful.

You can just barely make out Bill's GoPro helmet cam in this picture. Now that Bill has this helmet cam, I never know when it is on or not. I must try to be quiet so in the videos you don't hear me squawking and quacking like a duck in the background. I should get a helmet cam too, so Bill can see himself riding.

The dogs love being on the trail. Today they had to porpoise their way through the snow. I thought it might wear Getty out, but since we have been home, she is as perky and buzzy as ever. Do you know how sometimes there is nothing as nice as a sleeping baby? I think sometimes that sentiment can be applied to pet dogs.

Stay tuned to see how long this wintery blast lasts!

As I left the barn, Louise was busy burying herself in hay for a warm and cozy night in the barn.



Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh my! We haven't even had that much in Colorado. Love the pic of the horses drinking. Smart Louise.

juliette said...

That Brumby is so cute making her escape from you so she can drink with her friends. And that photo of them all drinking - so gorgeous. You live in the best place on earth for horse riding and for their own happiness in my opinion!

Getty is adorable and Louise and the helmet cam and everything. Just perfect!

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